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About us

We are Anonymous, we are opfreeanons.com

opfreeanons.com is maintained by Anonymous Foundation which is a transparent fundraising project as part of the Anonymous collective.

The purpose of this site is to provide awareness to the plight of many people who have risked their life and / or liberty of freedom in an attempt to make a positive change for our world, whether this be through journalism or hacktivism. As part of the Anonymous collective, we at anonymous.biz do not condone any form of hacking as its illegal. However, we are able to see the injustice shown to journalists and hacktivists who have exposed the truth.

Hacking is illegal, but is a 100 year jail sentence justified as in the case of Lauri Love? Or 10 year sentence for Jeremy Hammond?
When a convicted rapist or paedophille is found guilty of their crime, their prison sentence is a few years. Even a murderer would have less time in prison than a computer hacktivist.

As in the words of Janis Sharp, mother of Gary McKinnon: “We burnt our witches, don’t crucify our geeks”

We, at opfreeanons.com invite you to take a look around this website and decide for yourself whether the people shown here should be in prison or not.

We invite you to join us, whether that be in our IRC chat, our discordapp chat, in forums, social media, – we are Anonymous, we are everywhere, search out: #opfreeanons – create awareness, sign petitions, have a letter writing event, send a book, – there are several ways in which you can help.

Fundraising – we at anonymous.biz strongly advise that if you would like to donate money for opfreeanons that you visit the Courage Foundation as they are the “official” campaign fund for several people, therefore, it is always best to send any donations directly to them.

There are people who are unfortunately not supported by the Courage Foundation, in those instances, you can donate to anonymous.biz project marking your type of donation (ie, what it is for). We would prefer not to be directly responsible for anyones legal fund but in some cases this may be necessary. All transactions are transparent.

Apart from money (an evil necessity, needed for legal funds), opfreeanons would appreciate your time. Your time taken to create and share a facebook post, a tweet, write a comment, article, awareness… One facebook share or one tweet may be picked up by a journalist which will create more awareness. The nature of opfreeanons is that constant awareness is needed.

All fundraising, donations, income and expenditure is 100% open transparent and displayed on www.anonymous.biz and www.anonymous.foundation – we invite criticisms of this in an effort to make our project transparent and avoid criticisms that the site is making money in the name of “Anonymous”.

We invite you to join us. We, Anonymous are the 99%