About Anonymous

We are Anonymous.  Anonymous is known as both a hacktivist and activist collective.  The media seems to paint Anonymous in a bad light essentially branding all “anons” as criminals.  It is hoped that through the use of this news site about Anonymous, you will see the good we are doing and trying to achieve throughout our world.

We have various different ops, these are opsafewinter, opbigbrother, ophomeless, opunited, opfreeanons, opanimalcruelty, plus several more.As you can see by the names of the ops, they are all legal.  It is a common myth that to help Anonymous you need to be a hacker!   This is simply not true.  Whilst a very small number of us are hackers, it is not recommended to hack as it is illegal.  Most of Anonymous are activists, not hacktivists!

Do you think an “Activist” is bad? An activist is good!   An activist will help in such things as opsafewinter,  ophomeless, opbigbrother and so on.

Join us.  Come and have a chat with us in our chatrooms or forums.

We are Anonymous.  If you want to help change our world for the better, you can be Anonymous also.

Strength in numbers!

For further information: http://www.anonymous.foundation