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Fundraising for FreeAnons legal funds

Previously, donations were given to legal funds for different people, most recent examples in the last year are directly to Lauren Pespisa, to Courage Foundation for Lauri Love and Chelsea Manning. Our next beneficiaries are Marty G (freemartyg.com)

We fundraise this money through private and unconventional means, mining crypto and buying expired domains and selling. It is hoped that additional finances can be raised through the sale of products and services on http://www.anonymous.biz website, this will be done through an open transparent way through http://www.anonymous.foundation project, a non profit project which seeks to exist to provide financial support for humanitarian Anonymous Operations, examples being: OpPaperstorm, OpFreeAnons and OpHomeless

If you have spare money, no matter how small, please consider donating to anyone who has a legal fund setup in respect of legal action taken against them for allegedly or proven hacking or leaking.
We believe that many governments worldwide persecute “truthtellers”, Assange being a prime example. We aim to support people who have in their course of actions exposed the truth (eg: Chelsea Manning).

You can donate to various people through the Courage Foundation.

The Courage Foundation are excellent in their work and support, (thanks Naomi) – unfortunately they can not support absolutely everyone, an example being http://freemartyg.com

If you can donate to help legal funds, please research to ensure you are donating to the correct legal fund and you are not donating to a scam.

It is for the above reasons that the Anonymous Foundation seeks to exist. To facilitate in fundraising in respect of #OpFreeAnons, #OpPaperstorm and #OpHomeless / #OpSafeWinter – such fundraising to be done in an open clear process, 100% transparency or as close as possible. This is imperative for the avoidance of criticisms and accusations that the project is making a profit.

A donation page may be setup on Anonymous Foundation website soon, in addition to products and services being sold on anonymous.biz – you may show your support here in the knowledge that any money you send is used directly for its cause, that no profits are being made. 100% transparency, or as close as!