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Kane Gamble – British teenager who hacked FBI, Homeland Security and others through social engineering!

Recently, a British teenager was sentenced to two years in prison for his hacks against various top ranking officials in USA.  Kane Gamble (chat name Crackar and founder of Crackas With Attitude performed a serious of extraordinary attacks (listed below).   The Crackas With Attitude group were loosely associated with the Anonymous Collective, one of the admins explaining on AnonUKRadio that his actions were direct response for USA making laws against the homeless.  This interview was with “Derp” who has luckily had a very light prosecution and is at home, whereas his counterpart Kane is in prison.

Kane performed the following attacks against high ranking USA officials:

Jeh Johnson – USA Department of Homeland Security – Secretary
Kane took control over Twitter accounts, intercepted voicemails and sent SMS from Jeh Johnsons phone.  To troll even more, Kane then sent messages to Jeh Johnsons home TV saying “I own you”

Avril Haines – USA White House Deputy National Security Advisor
Kane changed the password on Comcast and got access to information and phone calls.

Amy Hess – USA FBI Agent
The film “Hackers”, “V for Vendetta” and a porn movie were downloaded to Mrs Hess’s home digital TV recorder as well as personal messages sent to Mrs. Hess.

Mark Giuliano, USA FBI Deputy DIrector
Kane was able to access private information.  Information was posted in Twitter.   Mr. Giuliano being a target via his mobile phone,  his wife also was a target upon retreats to her spa as Kane requested alarm calls for various times

James Clapper – Former director of USA National Intelligence
Kane hacked a Linkedin account and the private email of Mr. Clapper as well as Mrs. Clapper.
All phone calls were diverted to the Free Palestine Movement.

John Holdren – USA Office of Science & Technology Director
Crackas With Attitude were reportedly responsible for “swatting”, making a hoax call to police in order for police to attend and alarm the occupants of the home.

These are extraordinary hack attacks made by a 15 year old British teenager against high ranking administrative officials within USA.  What makes the attacks more extraordinary is that they did not involve any form of computer hacking in compromising computer security.  All the attacks listed above happened through what is called ‘Social Engineering’ which is a fancy term for lying.
Kane pretended to be various different people in order to perform the hacks listed above.

Before sentenced to two years in a young offenders institution, Kane received a bug bounty from an international mobile phone company as various weaknesses were pointed out in the security. This was for a security flaw – enabling server to be compromised. (Kane studied cyber security also).

The media has portrayed Kane in a bad light, describing his attacks as terrorising cyber crime.  The media has not explained that the attacks were a political demonstration and in response to what Kane perceived to be injustices within USA.  This was in respect of USA passing laws against the homeless and its draconian war like stances and free Palestine movement.

As with most hacktivists, by the time the court case starts (a 3 year wait in the case of Kane), they have realised the implications of their illegal activity and wish they could turn back time.  Unfortunately it is too late and the wheels of prosecution are set in place, often persecuting the alleged hacker even before a court trial begins.

Crackas with Attitude chat rooms have closed, albeit a smaller chat exists and created by someone else who is yet to be prosecuted by the UK authorities.  The chat purely exists around social and matters of cyber security.

Kane Gamble is not a beneficiary of freeanons.   When asked if he wanted any help (prior to his sentence) he declined.   The purpose of this article is to highlight the reasons as to what motivated Kane to do what he did in addition to showing yet another hacktivist who should ideally be offered a job, but instead is punished in prison.

Obviously, opfreeanons.com is unable to contact Kane but is in contact with one of his friends.  If it is decided to appeal his prison sentence, we will fundraise and provide a direct link to his fundraising page so that donations can be made.

There is no legal fund for Kane, in respect of this please consider donation to another freeanon, as shown below:

If you have spare money to donate in respect of OpFreeAnons, please do consider the case of Marty G.   You can read further details about Martin at: http://www.freemartyg.com and donate directly.  His legal fund is administered by his wife, Dana Gottesfeld. 

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