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How to help

There are many ways in which you can help freeanons. The purpose of this website is to promote awareness and collate facts and research.

If you would like to help freeanons, search out various different places within social media as well as many other websites.

Ways in which you can help:

  • Promote Awareness in social media. A share of a facebook post, or sharing to facebook, a tweet, it may be picked up by a journalist from another humanitarian cause. Sharing opfreeanons in social media can be effective. Some artwork in #OpPaperstorm
  • Write to your Member Of Parliament (for UK) Also ask if your concerns can be passed on to the Home Office. If you can contact us with response from your MP as we’re formulating a spreadsheet of responses.
  • Write to your government Examples being USA, highlighting the unjust sentencing of convicted computer hackers, plea bargaining, pointing out that murderers and rapists spend less time in prison than that of a computer hacker. Include your own research, it won’t be provided here for purpose of not having all the same type letters.
  • Fundraising Have a fundraising day, providing awareness of the plight of hacktivists and journalists, showing what they exposed and how they are treated. Donate your fundraising directly to the Courage Foundation if they support the person you wish to support, alternatively you can donate directly to the person you wish to support if available, alternative to anonymous.biz and mark who your donation is for for those who have been unable to setup their own fundraiser.
    Attend court Attending court signifies to the judiciary that there is a strong public interest in the case.

opfreeanons.com / anonymous.biz – Products

www.anonymous.biz will soon start selling Anonymous merchandise, examples being jackets, shirts, pens, using various different designs. It will also sell various different services. You can buy products and services in the knowledge that the small amount of “profit” made will be directed back into facilitating Anonymous Operations, #OpFreeAnons, #OpPaperstorm being examples.

This website (opfreeanons.com) and anonymous.biz are maintained by the Anonymous Foundation.