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How we can help you

The aim of #FreeAnons is to help people whether they are known as to be part of the Anonymous collective or not, such people being activists, journalists, alleged hackers and hacktivists who are generally all persecuted by unjust prison sentences.

How we can help:

  • The Anonymous Foundation can supply free hosting from our webservers (this is faster and of more quality than general free hosts found on the net).  This is in addition to providing a free .com domain name, or another – in the event you do not wish to be domain administrator
  • We have access to legal professionals in different countries, some provide their services for free whereas others provide services for a small fee.
  • We write to legislators in an effort to directly increase support for people.
  • We can help create awareness through the internet as well as with Anonymous street activists through #OpPaperStorm
  • We work alongside other NGO’s who have different meetings around the world, primarily in USA and UK.
  • We send books to those people in prison as well as letters.

If you are in need of assistance, please contact us.  Please also search in social medias as well as general internet for other elements of the Anonymous collective who are actively supporting OpFreeAnons.