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The hacker who cared too much, Marty G

The outrageous case of Justina Pelletier should serve as a warning to parents who may be confronted by medical kidnappers and the tentacles of of the state antagonizing honest families with cruel consequences.

Boston Children’s Hospital was founded in 1869 by Civil war Surgeon Dr. Francis Henry Brown. By 2012 the Hospital had been rated for the 23rd year in a row one of the nation’s top hospitals specializing in pediatric care. The hospital’s teaching affiliate is Harvard Medical School.

Justina Pelletier’s horror began when the doctors and psychologists at Boston Children’s Hospital diagnosed her with (somatic symptom disorder), a different diagnosis than the one she had previously received from Tufts University School of Medicine Hospital doctors (mitochondrial disease). An inexperienced Boston Children’s Hospital Doctor just seven months into his internship was convinced that the pain Justina was experiencing, that felt like knives were cutting open her stomach was all in her mind. Citing a concern for possible “medical child abuse with zero evidence. Boston Children’s Hospital then requested that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Children and Families took emergency custody of the patient as Justina’s parents were blocked by security guards. Justina was made a ward of the state of Massachusetts.

Justina was held in Boston Children’s Hospital’s psychiatric ward, Bader 5, from February 14, 2013, until January 2014, she was transferred to Wayside Youth and Family Support Network, a residential treatment center. Justina was being treated worse than prisoners in Massachusetts.

It was then that computer security expert and a powerful activist fighting for the human rights of institutionalized children, Martin Gottesfeld launched a cyber attack of Boston Children’s Hospital and for several days, reportedly costing the hospital upwards of $600,000. Martin faces up to 15 years in prison and is currently weeks into a hunger strike. Martin’s noble deed brought the attention Justina needed.

Finally, On June 17, 2014, the same Massachusetts judge who issued the initial ruling dismissed the case against her parents and returned Justina to her family.

Aside from the horror Justina and her family suffered. And the costly lengths it took for Martin Gottesfeld to reveal the ugly truth. It became abundantly clear due to Justina’s maltreatment that wards of the state are essentially guinea pigs. Any ward of the state is subject to research being performed upon them, without their consent, even if that research is not primarily for the ward’s benefit.

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