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Dana (Marty’s wife) encounter with the marshals after torture/corruption questions

Persecution of the family of hackers or alleged hackers is prevalent. This video shows just one example. To support Dana and her husband, please visit:...

‘Miscarriage of justice’: Jailed hacktivist & his wife share their plight

Martin Gottesfeld and his wife Dana share their plight concerning the unjust persecution of Marty.

Marty G – #OpJustice #FreeMartyG – Fight against child abuse

We as a collective can not stand aside why this noble and brave activist tried to fight for the greater good, and therefore gets...

Marty G – Court decision

Another kangaroo court decision in the case of someone trying to help a child that was in essence kidnapped by the medical system. Please visit:...

The hacker who cared too much, Marty G

The outrageous case of Justina Pelletier should serve as a warning to parents who may be confronted by medical kidnappers and the tentacles of...