The below is an account of one of the people in the court room.

Our brother phoenix was taken from us by the feds.

Akron police department is trying to silence us, this has gone on for years now its becoming a bitter rivalry between us and the akron police department. They harass us and then now have arrested one of our own for protesting their abuse towards us with a ddos a online sit in they have been spreading lies about him trying to smear him in the news claiming he’s co-operating when he’s not.  We were in the court room when he refused to the other day in Cleveland Ohio his face was bruised and red and was crying akron pd Is parading his mask around like it’s a trophy it’s disgusting they called our brother a terrorist and a danger to society in court and are holding him as a political prisoner at Youngstown supermax without bond the feds tried to snatch our phones in the court room after the the room had been dismissed they continue to bully us.

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    We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. #OpFreeAnons


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