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Short story by Jeremy Hammond

The following is a short story written by accused hacktivist Jeremy Hammond:

In the beginning, the high seas of seas of the Internet were ruled by the imperialist White Hat fleets, who terrorized the people with sinister censorship networks and murderous remote-controlled weaponry. In this dystopian dark age of USA Patriot Act, profiteering telecom companies, and banks “too big to fail,” all hope was nearly lost. Much to the surprise of the corporate bootlickers, and government parasites, the people began to fight back, declaring the seas are free and can no longer be bought and sold. Rogue boats all over the world united, set aside their differences, hoisted the black flag of the rebellion, and opened fire on the Establishmentarian battleships.

Despite the supposed superiority of the Intelligence Industrial Complex, the white hats were out numbered and outsmarted. Using the enemy’s own weaknesses against them, many ships were sunk and strongholds occupied. After many nighttime raids, the rebels leaked the plundered booty for all to share: many lulz were had pursuing the empire’s secrets they had worked so hard to hide. Infuriated the Imperialists tried to crush the movement by building more prisons, passing harsher laws, and placing a bounty on the heads of the rebels. Thousands were rounded up, tortured, and threatened with being locked away in the dungeons forever.

But no matter how many were brutalized and kidnapped, they were not able to stop the coming insurrection; for every time rebel captured, many more soon joined the rebellion, and the lulz boats continue to sail strong to this day. These songs of resistance were passed down to support the brothers and sisters of the resistance, who, in spite of the empire’s threats and tricks, stood strong. And one day soon the capital buildings and prisons will crumble, the people will be free and our battle cry will be heard all across the seven proxies.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us!

  • We are Anonymous. Our website represents free speech, some of the articles or Anonymous operations you read here may not be wholly representative of the Anonymous collective.
    We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. #OpFreeAnons


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