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Welcome to Anonymous. We are from the internet, we are here to help. If you are new to Anonymous and seek help yourself or maybe you want to help Anonymous, welcome! Come join us in Anonymous chatrooms. The Anonymous collective has no central leadership, no hierarchy and is decentralised.

If you share the core beliefs of Anonymous in relation to Free Speech as well as having the desire to change the world for the better, please consider helping out in some humanitarian Anonymous Operations. You’re able to help in many different areas, although the Anonymous Foundation advises to stay away from illegal operations such as hacking.

Anonymous has been at the forefront in its fight against corruption, prevention of free speech and human rights through legal humanitarian activism as well as illegal hacktivism. We invite you to help us, join us in our desire of wanting to change the world for the better. Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’

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You’re new to Anonymous and want to help us? You are us!
You can join Anonymous Chatrooms to find out how to help in different humanitarian Anonymous operations.

If you want to help right now, something quick and easy.
Visit: http://operationpaperstorm.org and browser the images, click the facebook or twitter share buttons on any images you wish to share. This helps Anonymous via awareness.

There are other ways in which to help. Visit the forum, or join Anonymous Chatrooms.

If you need help, you’re welcome to join one of many Anonymous Chatrooms. However, please remember that the Anonymous collective is not your own personal army. If you need help to expose fraud on a political level, please refer to wikileaks. If you need to expose corporation fraud, please see: http://www.anonanalytics.com

We are Anonymous. We are from the Internet and we are here to help. Whatever your issue, you’re welcome to join one of many Anonymous Chat Rooms.

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