This page describes who opfreeanons.com are, the purpose, how we operate and what we can do to help those people incarcerated or risking incarceration or persecution.

The purpose of opfreeanons.com is to help provide awareness and campaign for both activists and hacktivists who are incarcerated or being persecuted as a result of their actions.

We do not ask for donations, neither do we accept donations. We do not have any commercial ads on sites, nor hidden crypto mining. In short, we self fundraise in order to avoid criticisms of profiting from the name of Anonymous. The fundraising comes from buying and selling expired domain names. Essentially, this fundraising is private and is outside of Anonymous (for purpose of avoiding criticisms) and is used to maintain different websites both under the banner of Anonymous and outside of Anonymous in order to help the betterment of humanity. Our private fundraising outside of Anonymous is also used to donate money to different legal funds and campaigns, for example we’ve donated to Lauren Pespisa, Lauri Love, Julian Assange, Barret Brown plus a few others too numerous to mention. We can also provide vinyl banners and flyers to help with awareness campaigns plus internet traffic that is gleaned from an extensive stock of expired domain names.

If you can help donate money to any freeanons cause, please please please do your own research and decide for yourself whether it is a genuine fundraiser or not.

It is safe to say that the Courage Foundation is genuine and all money put to good causes as well as freemartyg.com is also genuine and the fundraising is administered by Dana Gottesfeld, wife of Marty Gottesfeld.

The reasons why opfreeanons.com will not accept donations is to avoid criticisms of profiteering in addition that no 100% transparent method can be found.

For further reading into the problems of Anonymous accepting donations, please read an archive of the website freeanon.org here: Free Anons: The Anonymous Scammer Network (archive.org)

The freeanon.org website is archived, link above. The domain has since been purchased and used by freeanons.org which is the very same website that freeanon.org attempted to expose.

Statement from opfreeanons.com: Whilst we are not saying that other Anonymous elements are profiteering, you are invited to read an archived website here: Free Anons: The Anonymous Scammer Network (archive.org)

Draw your own conclusions.

If you can assist this Anonymous Operation, or if you need assistance, please do get in touch.

We are Anonymous. We are from the internet, we’re here to help.